Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Power of Bacon

As a thoroughbred carnivore I have just come to appreciate the power Bacon has over me. Fortunately for me my Slimming World diet does allow copious amounts of bacon consumption; which is great! But unfortunately I decided to follow a Green week this week, which means little or no meat at all *sob*

Generally day by day I do pretty well, I have Oat So Simple in the mornings these days which is ace for satisfying my appetite until around 11.30am (by which time my rush to the lunchroom is a mere 30 minutes away). But today was a different story!

One of my good friends/work colleagues decided to buy a bacon roll on her way to work; which she then sat and ate in the kitchen. Whilst on my merry way to make myself my morning coffee I was stopped in my tracks by the unmistakable smell of BACON! This was at about 08.45am; and my stomach betrayed me and immediately started to rumble - not good. My normally quiet and patient stomach had caught the sent of the forbidden fruit and had decided to punish me, I reacted by pulling out my bag of celery and promptly chopping up two sticks to take back to my desk. Unfortunately it wasnt enough... and it lead to gorging myself on bananas and satsumas which are conviniently left on my desk should I ever be in need of a munchie. The trouble with all of this was that it completely threw off my schedule for the day... I normally dont have any snacks until 11.30am or later in the afternoon, so this early morning feast has meant my brain is struggling to figure out the time of day... and as such my day at work is dragging at a hideously slowly pace.

Next time I see that grease white paper bag walk through the door I shall hide behind my desk for an hour until the smell disappears!

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